Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall takes a great role in the first-person shooter category for its creativity. This game is set approximately thirty years after the events from Killzone 3. More »


Driveclub takes the whole racing game and shoots it up a level by making it social network style. Essentially, the whole idea behind this game is to incorporate your friends and create a “Club” to race against. More »


This action / strategy game is based off of the previous franchise of Thief. This strategic game will not only feel life like, but keep you playing for hours on end. More »


Battlefield 4


  I’m sure most of you have played the beta version of Battlefield 4 four or have at least heard of the new addition to the Battlefield series. Battlefield four is expected to be released October 29, 2013 for PlayStation three, and November 22, 2013 for PlayStation four.   It is a month before release


Blacklight: Retribution


  There seem to be a lot of free to play games going around nowadays, especially through Steam. The newest edition to the Steam family, Blacklight: Retribution, created by Zombie Studios, is a no cost to play first person shooter set in the future, is modeled after the multiplayer aspects of Call of Duty, and


Diablo III

Diablo III

Diablo III is the third game in the action role playing Diablo franchise by Blizzard Entertainment; it is expected to be released on the Playstation 4 console in early 2014. The game was released on the Playstation 3 console on the 3rd of September, and the release date was pushed back on the Playstation 4 because


Buy 2 games for $99!


There is a great promotion going on over at, buy 2 PlayStation 4 games for $99.   The games available currently are: – Killzone: Shadow Fall – inFamous: Second Son – Knack – Drive Club This promotion is currently on while supplies last.   For more information visit:  


Lego Marvel Super Heroes


If your little one has been begging for you to update their video collection by adding the Lego Marvel Super Heroes you may be reticent to do so. As if there is one more thing they need, not to go outside and play, it is to get another video game to sit in front of




If you are looking for the most amazing new release to hit the shelves than check out Resogun. For those of you who love and can’t get enough of Super Stardust, this is the new kid on the block guaranteed to make Super Stardust look more like a bust. The makers, Housemarque OY are the


NBA Live 14


If it feels like everything you own has some sort of number attached to it that says you are too old to be playing it if you have all the previous, then you may be wondering if NBA Live 14 is worth the upgrade. You no doubt have the previous NBA 13 Live game, so what could possibly


Pre-order Now

The PlayStation 4 is becoming very popular and booming with sales. They are drastically improving that retailers like ToysRus are currently not offering anymore pre-orders companies like Amazon are still accepting. is no longer accepting, but the Canadian version of the site is. Does this mean you will get it launch day? No, but


PlayStation 4 EYE


The PlayStation 4 Eye is a product developed for the PS4 game console that is going to be available for customers after the official PS4 launch later this November of 2013. This device is new compared to previous versions like the Playstation Eye and Eye Toy and has since been advanced in many different ways to enhance the user



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